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What is ICC Truth?

The full name for "ICC Truth" is International Christian Crusade Truth. We realize that the word 'crusade' has connotations which today are not politically correct, however please realize that our organization was founded over 50 years ago when political correctness was not ever heard of. The word at that time had come to mean doing battle with ideologies, not with a sword. We have no intentions of inciting bigotry or hostility towards any people by using this name. Please do not read into our organization anything between the lines or associate us with things we do not represent.

International Christian Crusade is an organization which made its primary goal to counter the false teaching of Evolution. There is a flagship book that this organization put in the hands of many students over the past 50 years called "Evolution, Science Falsely So-Called". This book was written by a prominent Doctor who wished during his lifetime to remain unnamed. His book quotes from many scientific journals showing the many contradictions made by "Official Science" regarding this topic. 'Official Science' tends to be the ones that get media attention. There is much science that counters 'Official Science' which tends to cause early termination of ones career if one participates in it. We suspect that this was the main reason the author of this book needed to remain anonymous during his lifetime. Now, however we have decided to reveal that his name is "Dr. Howett", past director of "999 Queen Street" in Toronto. The institution although it no longer exists, is still highly regarded by those that know of its past exhisitance for its work with people suffering from depression and other mental health related issues. We believe Dr. Howett would have been a victim of discrimination if he went public during his lifetime. This same discrimination applies today only much more so. The late Dr. Howett is now in a position where discrimination can no longer hurt his cause, but instead it can be helpful to continue promoting it by now bringing the prominance of this books author to light. In fact one of our goals as an organization, going forward, is to speak out about such discrimination by our Secular Humanist Society in which we live.

To Dr. Howett's credit this book "Evolution, Science falsely so called" was put in the hands of over 250,000 persons during his lifetime; then the book went out of print. We have recently brought it back into print and we feel that it will continue once again to have a large impact on its readers. Dr. Howett by showing the inconsistencies in published journals in his book helps the reader to understand that this doctrine of Evolution is actually on very shaky ground. At the time the book was written, however DNA Science had not yet matured. We intend to have a further book available soon which discusses the more modern advance of DNA Genetics. This book however is a classic which is well worth reading as a primer to all the prior fields of investigation which have been explored to support the theory of Evolution, for both those who have chosen the Sciences as their major in University and also for those have not chosen science as their major but who would like to know what has transpired among scientists regarding this fascinating theory and especially why there are many scientists today who are refuting it.

The reason early on International Christian Crusade (ICC) targeted Evolution was it was understood that this doctrine is a dangerous one that has spawned the likes of Hitler's Arian Nation, Stalin's Communist Russia, The Humanist Manifesto which is adhered to in North America by the public school systems, the media and to a large extent the elected official governments and court systems accross North America. The U.N. has stated that "Secular Humanism" is a religion. The Humanist Manifesto is the faith statement for this religion. Many have never read it but it is taught to our educators and by extention to each generation of Americans and Canadians who are subject to the publicly funded education systems in both Countries. Brian Dewey introduced the teachings of the Humanist Manifesto to the educations system shortly after the second world war. Great disrespect for authority, rampant use of drugs, free sex, free abortions, loss of freedoms of speech and religion have all been logical outcomes of this most dangerous religion which has taken hold of the western world. One of the tennants of Secular Humanism is that it is not a religion. But not only is it a religion but it is one that wishes to wipe out all other religions. In that aspect it is radical and could have the term applied Fundamentalist to it, as a bad connotation as it has become in reference to Radical Fundamentalist Muslim faith today. When you consider the current hollocoast in the western world of the millions of babies who have been sacrificed at the alter of Mollech by worshippers of this religion of Secular Humanism, the problems of Terrorists attacking us from outside our borders pales by comparison.

Radio Broadcast October 15th, 8pm, 2008: Ray was invited recently to a talk show called "Cosmic Horizons". On this show Ray described His beliefs in how Secular Humanism which Ray also explains as Secular Materialism has caused our moral compas to become damaged as Canadians. Please listen to the .mp3 of this broadcast, and let us know your opinion of what Ray said on that broadcast. We are interested in the opinions of people that agree with Ray but even more so of those that wish to challenge him.

Listen to this archived audio track of a Radio Broadcast which went out live origionally in which Ray talks about the moral compass of our country Canada and relates the purposes of this ICC Truth ministry.

To learn more about the internet Radio Station which interviewed Ray, visit Cosmic Horizons The show Ray appeared on broadcasts Every other Wednesday 8:00pm (live on and is called the New Cosmic Horizons Show.

Books we are currently offering: ICC Truth believes that by equiping you the reader and listener with the true facts that we can help you to become free from the religion of Secular Humanism that until now you may not have known you were an adherent. Jesus said "the truth will make you free". It is our hope that you will experience Liberty and escape from the yoke of bondage to wrong thoughts and thinking processes that may have until now enslaved your mind. We are currently offering the following 2 paper books for sale and free download of .pdf books at this site pertaining to the challenge "Truth or Secular Humanism". Because we value getting this information into your hands more than money we offer it free to you in .pdf format. You will find the hard copy very attractive especially for distribution but you may wish to read it first to decide or you may find that your finances force you to take this lower cost option instead of buying the book. Please feel free. Perhaps at a later date you can help us financially with a gift.

1. Evolution - Science Falsely So Called Dr. John R. Howett V.D., M.D., F.R.C.P.(c), (88 pages, over 250,000 copies so far)
  • You may download the electronic form of the booklet for free here ->
  • Printed copy - 5.00 each. plus 2.00 shipping & handling to anywhere in North America for first book ordered. 1.00 shipping and handling for each additional book.
2. What do You believe? Author Ray Luff (86 pages, Not so many copies sold yet.)

3. KJV Audio Bible & Commentary on DVD

  • .MP3 format, totalling 440 hours of audio play using a computer or DVD / Video Player device
  • Free in a mailer sleeve, plus 5.00 shipping and handling.

4. KJV Audio Bible & Commentary on DVD plus a second DVD

  • first disk - .MP3 format, contains 440 hours of audio play using a computer or DVD / Video Player device
  • second disk - .MP3 format, contains over 400 additional hours of audio messages on various topics regarding skepticism and modern day influences on the church.
  • The first disk is free but we are asking 5.00 for the second disk which is not free + 7.00 shipping and handling as the package is larger in an attractive DVD 2 Disk Box with some inserted materials.

ICC is both a Canadian and USA Registered Charity. These materials are not considered eligable for tax receipt purposes. However if you wish to help our ministry with a gift beyond the materials ordered or if you wish to order our materials for free distribution in quantity we can issue a tax receipt for gifts above 50 dollars and more.

Much of our materials are distributed free of charge. We try to send materials free of charge to missionaries and requestors from third world countries. Support to our organization helps us to do this. We also have many expenses in trying to get these materials in the hands of students on University campuses which you can help to defray.

The Invitation: Please come back often to this site. It will quickly develope. I will post pictures of the products in the next couple of days.

Ask God if He is real and ask Him to reveal Himself to you. I made this challenge to a man many years ago who was an illicit drug user and far from belief in God. I told him that Jesus says, Behold I stand at the door and knock, if anyone hears my voice and opens the door I will come in and sup with him and he with me. (Rev 3:20) My friend Sandy took me up on this challenge many years after I made it to him. He recontacted me and invited me to visit his church. It's a good thing I went. I married one of the girls that I met through that invitation.

It's a simple thing to take God up on his offer. You need to decide that you want it. Then you need to persue it. I don't know anyone who denies knowing God once they have met Him. In fact there is a history of people who lost their lives as martyrs becasue they wouldn't deny it. There are people this very day who have lost their life for not denying it.

Ray Luff,

Contact information: We only accept cheques or money orders at this time. It's not advisable to send cash through the mail. Please specify the materials you wish to purchase and what portion of your gift if any is to be used for the furthering of our ministry. You may make your cheque payable to "International Christian Crusade" and send it to the address listed below.

We also accept speaking engagements for Ray Luff, Dr. Harold McCarthy, Dr. Arthur Dixon and John Radford (all directors and spokespersons of this charitable organization)

Attention: Ray Luff
International Christian Crusade
273 Manchester Drive,
Newmarket, ON, L3Y 6J4
905 830-0573


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