Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hidden Truth Radio Interview

The following link is to a live internet Radio Program based out of New York.

September 30th, 2009 6pm - 7pm Internet Radio Program
Interviewer James Haraap

While you tune in to that program you may wish to peruse a few items I have posted here as follows.

The following is a link further elaborates the concern I rasied regarding Polygamy being practiced in Toronto in the interview.

I have decided to post a link which gives away about 1/4 of the book I have written this past year entitled "Comparison of Newer Bible Versions".

I am currently working on two other projects

The first project is the Simplified King James New Testament (SKJV)

1) The SKJV (Simplified King James Version) New Testament. I have made available here the completed Gospel of John. There will be further updates to it in future regarding the keyword links to he glossary. If you keep checking back updates and other books of the New Testament will also be made available in the months to come.

2) The Introduction to the SKJV which will explain the markings in it and the reasons why I am working on this project with the help of a few other Greek Scholars.

3) The Glossary for the SKJV Bible here is very incomplete but will be of assistance to those listening in to the radio program. Of particular interest will be the section regarding "Prophecy".

The second project is a book entitled "the Church in a New Age".

This book will look at some of the internal and external pressures being brought to bear on the local church by the changing societal pressures of today. It's a book I wanted to write first before the Comparison of Newer Bible versions. You will find the beginnings of this topic in the "Comparison of Newer Bible Versions book" and in the "SKJV Keyword list under some of the keyword topics". I will post some of the actual book when it is a little further along.